Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing sectors across the globe. With the increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy, it has become imperative for companies to build resources to meet the need of the hour. In an attempt to support a transition towards clean energy, Alliant Energy Corporation, a public utility holding company, has reportedly announced plans to advance and acquire 675MW of solar in rural areas of six Wisconsin including Richland, Rock, Wood, Sheboygan, Jefferson, and Grant.

Sources cite these projects marks the next step in Alliant’s clean energy blueprint which aims to facilitate cost-effective green energy while reducing carbon emissions. Once operational, the plants will be producing enough energy to empower an estimated 175,000 homes per year. This makes the company the biggest owner-operator of solar in Wisconsin. Moreover, these projects would create over 1,200 construction jobs and offer an estimated USD 80 million in local tax revenues over the next thirty years.

David de Leon, President of Wisconsin Energy Company at Alliant Energy said that solar energy is a smart investment for the company’s Wisconsin customers. These projects would offer constant revenue to Wisconsin communities, generate new operation, construction, and maintenance jobs, and offer its customers with sustainable and reliable energy in coming years.

Mr. Leon added that along with the rest of the green energy blueprint, these projects would help consumers avoid over USD 2 billion in long-term costs.

Alliant Energy previously announced its plans to install 1,000 MW of solar power generation in Wisconsin by the year 2023. These projects marked a first phase of that plan. This week, the company will file a Certificate of Authority application with the PSCW (Public Service Commission of Wisconsin) to advance and acquire these projects. The company anticipates a PSCW decision in the first half of the next year.

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