World’s largest brand of food media, Allrecipes has reportedly announced its collaboration with Snapchat as an exclusive food category partner for its Scan feature. This new additional provision will allow home cooks access to all of Allrecipes’ recipe data by capturing the ingredients on the Snapchat camera interface. This feature will be available later this year and will make it easier and more fun for aspiring cooks to create different dishes with ingredients from the grocery carts of users.

Alicia Cervini, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at Meredith Corp., Allrecipe’s parent company, apparently stated that the food media brand offers home cooks the motivation, information and tools to create their favorite dishes without any hassle. This fun AR-based feature will take the cooking experience to a whole new level.

She further added that the integration of Allrecpies into the Scan feature will encourage next-gen cooks to explore a wide range of recipes and hone their creative skills in the kitchen.

Snapchat users can easily search through a huge database of Lenses using the Scan feature. This makes it easier to find informative and entertaining Lenses from partners and creators, thus enabling Snapchat users to identify thousands of plants and trees, a variety of dog breeds and millions of songs. With this partnership, Allrecipes will offer recipes to match thousands of dishes and ingredients recognized by the Snapchat camera. For instance, scanning a saltine cracker might give users the recipe for a strawberry dessert, thus taking a basic ingredient and encouraging Snapchat users to create something delightful.

Allrecipes is the latest brand from Meredith Corporation to establish a presence on the social networking platform. Snapchat Discover already has PEOPLE which has been a longtime favorite of the audiences.

President of Meredith Digital, Alysia Borsia stated that brands associated with the company have massive engagement with Snapchat and this collaboration reflects its commitment to offer enthralling new experiences for Snapchat users. She further said that the company is delighted that Allrecipes will be exclusively powering the food content within the Scan feature of Snapchat.

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