Switzerland based Archroma, a global specialty chemicals and color company announced the successful acquisition of the remaining minority shares in M. Dohmen, a German based company specializing in manufacturing of chemicals and textile dyes for the apparel and carpet, automotive sectors. Ever since its equity carve-out (ECO) from Clariant back in 2013, Archroma is focused on establishing itself as a leader in providing pioneering chemistry solutions, aiming to mold the industries it caters its services to with sustainability. Archroma’s first action in the direction was made when it procured BASF’s textile chemicals business back in 2015. Archroma’s interest in M. Dohmen dates back to 2014, when the former attained 49% shares in the company. In 2017, Archroma purchased 26% shares in M. Dohmen and has now attained the remaining 25%, sources claim. Archroma, already assisting clients belonging to both companies through a merged product portfolio on markets where both command a considerable presence. In fact, both the companies’ product portfolios rather supplement each other, notably in the chemicals and dyes for wool and synthetic fibers, inclusive of the automotive domain as well. Archroma will be able to move forward with the full incorporation of the M. Dohmen into itself, allowing its specialists around the world to focus well on catering to its clients’ requirements and needs. Manfred Dohmen, founder of the M. Dohmen group expressed his extreme satisfaction in the handover of the company that they developed from nothing to what it is today – a renowned expert in technical textile and automotive dyestuff. He also acknowledged the cooperative work dynamic the company had developed with Archroma within a 4-year period, which contributed to them being able to hand over a steady business and an exceptional team, ready and brimming with excitement to further complement and support the performance and creativity needed by their clients.