Global Market Insights, Inc. add New Rubber Anti-Tack Agents Market report provides in-depth information about Industry overview, top vendors, Key market highlights, product types, drivers, challenges, trends, industry landscape, size and forecast.

Rubber anti-tack agents market is anticipated to surpass USD 450 million by 2024 according to this new research report. The prospering automotive industry will leave a significant impact on the product market. The increased purchasing power of consumers coupled with a changing lifestyle will drive the automobile industry, which in turn will increase the product demand. Technological innovations in the rubber industry will favor the business growth. The tire production is expected to surpass 3 billion units by 2024, which will create opportunities for the product market.

The personal care industry has exhibited significant gains in the past few years which will drive the product market. The increased hygiene standards and disposable income of people has driven the market for personal care products. Rubber anti-tack agents are used in soaps, which are a part of the daily needs of every household. This will escalate the demand for the product. Rising awareness about the health concerns will stimulate the market for the product.

The product market will be triggered by cost effectiveness and quality standards that the rubber companies will experience over time. The nitrile gloves have been widely used for both non-medical and medical purposes. The increased levels of contamination will fuel the growth of the nitrile gloves market, which will positively influence the product market.

Stringent environmental legislations associated with the product can hamper the growth of the product market. For instance, the use of zinc stearate has been restricted. The oscillating prices of raw materials will also leave a negative impact on the product market. Also, the rising oleochemical prices may affect the product price trend.

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Stearate product dominated the market in 2015 and held an approximate share of 40% of global market volume. Fatty acid esters used for eliminating substrate’s adhesiveness is one of the major application of the product, which will grow at a considerable pace. The revenue from fatty acid esters was about USD 55 million in 2015. The eco-friendly traits of fatty acid esters will fuel the product market.

The regional growth in Asia Pacific will be attributed to the growing automotive industry. The product market will be led by Indonesia, Malaysia and China. The demand for nitrile gloves has significantly increased in U.S. due to the expansion of healthcare industry, which will propel the product market. The product markets in Asia Pacific and North America will face tough competition, owing to the presence of key units of production of fatty acid ester.

The product market is characterized by consolidation and the key industry players accounted for over 40% market share. Some of the key companies present in the industry are H. L. Blachford Ltd., Hans W. Barbe Chemische Erzeugnisse GmbH, Croda International plc, Lotréc AB, Lion Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd., King Industries, Inc., SASCO Chemical Group, Inc., Kettlitz-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG, McLube, Stephenson Alkon Solutions, Fragon Produtos para Indústria de Borracha, Evonik Industries AG, The HallStar Company, FACI SPA, Schill + Seilacher “”Struktol”” GmbH, Baerlocher GmbH, Chem-Trend L.P and Parabor Brasil.