BASF Animal Nutrition has launched its Lucantin NXT product line consisting of next-generation carotenoids for the EU 28 market. The advanced carotenoids are said to be stabilized using polyp gallate and butylhydroxytoluene or tocopherol and will be gradually introduced in other countries as well.

For the uninitiated, carotenoids are vital anti-oxidants that significantly influence animal health and reproduction, while being responsible for the colors of fish and animal skins as well as fruits and vegetables. All animals need carotenoids and even though they cannot produce it themselves, they are required to acquire the same from suitable diets to ensure consistent pigmentation and improved performance.

Sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter stated that extensive Lucantin NXT trials have shown these products as being highly capable to deliver outstanding stability, high level of homogeneity and long shelf-life, all the while preserving broiler skin coloring efficacy and egg yolk. Further, the new carotenoid formulations adhere to the latest Regulation (EC) No 2017/962, which mandated the withdrawal of EQ as a feed additive, the sources confirmed further.

Christopher Rieker, BASF Animal Nutrition’s Vice President, said the company’s proprietary Lucantin NXT product line will help in supporting its customers with innovative formulations. It not only complies with the regulatory requirements but will also set extraordinary quality standards for meeting the increased global demands, he further implied.

BASF’s Nutrition & Health division, for the record, boasts of comprehensive product portfolios and service record in human and animal nutrition industry, along with pharmaceutical and flavor & fragrance industries. Vitamins and carotenoids constitute a significant part of the company’s animal nutrition portfolio besides several other feed additives including enzymes, trace elements and organic acids. BASF Nutrition & Health division has extensive operations in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and South America.