Cacique, LLC, a leading Hispanic foods company, has recently announced the opening of a new dairy processing facility worth $88 million in Amarillo, Texas.

The new 200,000-sq. ft. facility is expected to help meet the increasing demand for the company’s high-quality products across the nation. It is targeting to commence the operation at this new facility in 2022, which is expected to create nearly 200 full-time job opportunities in the region.

The facility is being constructed at 8647 S. Georgia St. and will be capable of handling dairy processing, including the production of the foods company’s Mexican-style cheeses, yogurts, and cremas. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, granted a TEF (Texas Enterprise Fund) for the project, while the company gained approval from the AEDC (Amarillo Economic Development Corporation) & the City Council of Amarillo for an incentive package.

According to Amarillo Economic Development Corporation’s CEO & President, Kevin Carter, the corporation is thrilled about the selection of Amarillo as the new home to Cacique. The new project is expected to have a large-scale economic impact with new capital expenditures of $88 million and create over 200 new job opportunities. In addition, the latest business expansion of the foods company will help it build Amarillo as a food processing powerhouse.

For the record, the new facility will feature breakthrough technology, enabling Cacique to boost the overall capacity and meet the escalating demand for its products. Apart from expanding the production capacity through the introduction of a new facility, the company is further intending to conduct various R&D activities to drive innovation and consistently enhance the footprint across the nation as a part of its long-term growth strategy.

Cacique’s strategic equity investment in the Amarillo dairy processing facility happened along the heels of funding by The Baupost Group, LLC, Boston-based investment manager, earlier in 2021, with an objective to accelerate its continued growth across the nation.

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