Cadbury, the Birmingham-based chocolatier, for the first time, has taken the initiative to let the public invent a Dairy Milk flavor of their very own. For the uninitiated, the confectionary giant has for long produced one of the most loved chocolate ranges around the world and has been a favorite among British chocolate lovers. The iconic Dairy Milk has evolved over its 113 years of history and comes in a variety of flavors that include caramel, Oreo and Daim besides other mouthwatering options.

Apparently, Cadbury has created a website in which participants from UK and Ireland can pick flavor combinations that range from cookies, cola and popping candy to mustard, chilly and tangy orange. Reliable sources claim that there are over 90,000 different combinations to choose from. Once the ingredients are chosen (each contestant can choose up to three ingredients to mix together to create a unique flavor), the entrants have to name their bar and choose a special color for the front. They have to explain in short what inspired them to create the particular flavor and send the entries to a panel of judges.

The Director of Research and Development at Cadbury, David Shepherd has been quoted by sources to say that Cadbury has been making delightful chocolates for over 100 years and has been looking for ways to add innovation to their products. As a result, the company is now letting people have their choice in creating the next iconic bar. He added that with the offering of nutty, spicy, herby, creamy and fruity flavors, the participants will have a wealth of flavors to choose from to create the next bar. Cadbury wants to let the nation use its imagination and create a hit product.

Coincidentally, the name Dairy Milk was suggested by the daughter of a customer and won over names suggested by the creators of the famous chocolate bar.