Leading plant-based snacking company Calbee America Inc. has reportedly launched a grain-free tortilla chip San Joaquin Almond Nut Chips.

The tasty tortilla chip is made using cassava flour, sustainably grown almonds, and other simple ingredients. These snacks are cooked lightly in premium avocado oil to provide an exquisite crunch and a satisfying experience. Each of the Hickory smoked, sea salt, and wasabi flavors are certified, Kosher, grain-free, and gluten-free, and contain no artificial flavors and colors, no soy, and no corn.

The almonds used in these unique nut chips are sourced from the farms of the Naraghi family. These farms are located in California’s San Joaquin Valley, where the climate is suitable for growing these almonds.

For four generations, this family has been producing the highest-quality almonds. The family takes great care of their land by implementing sustainable and modern farming methods. These include the usage of solar power, composting, whole orchard recycling, weed & pest management, efficient irrigation among others.

The Marketing Director of Calbee America Inc., Sandra Payer, supposedly commented that their new almond nut chips can cater to the expectations of a growing number of healthy consumers who seek alternatives to corn tortilla chips.

She further added that these almond nut chips provide an organic variant to the tortilla chip category, go well with dips and serve as ideal lunch companions.

The San Joaquin Almond Nut Chips are sold in 4.5 oz/5 oz bags and are available for retailers across the nation for USD 4.99.

Calbee America Inc. aims at creating products that are beneficial to people’s health. The company expanded its operations from Japan in 1970 and since then it has been delivering delicious snacks using simple, top-quality ingredients. The company produces its products at Madera and Fairfield in California and is a pioneer in the organic snacks category.

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