Starbucks, the U.S. based coffee giant, has reportedly announced the opening of its sprawling Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan. As per trusted sources, the store is the first café of the multinational in Italy as it plans to conquer the spiritual home of espresso.

The Seattle-based company will be taking on Italy’s most celebrated variant - the espresso, a concoction of powerful and thick coffee served at bars and cafes across the country about six billion times a year, as per the estimates of the Italian Catering Federation FIPE.

Reportedly, Starbucks is quite well-established in other nations of Europe but has delayed its entry into the Italian market, which was earlier planned for 2017.

Former CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, has been repeatedly quoted in the past stating that the company will come to Italy with humility.

During his first trip to Italy, Schultz was captivated by the sense of community he observed in the espresso bars. Especially the moments of human connection between customers and baristas passed so freely and genuinely, state Schultz.

Sources familiar with the development said the company is optimistic that its 2,300-square-meter roastery would attract customers as it is the most beautiful store of Starbucks till date.

According to an article published by People, the store will feature jewel-toned marble, accompanied with bright green roasting silos, and interactive experiences from floor-to-ceiling.

The store will also allow customers to witness the science behind how coffee is made using equipment such as roasters, cooling trays and packing lines. It will also feature a 22-foot bronze cask that will rest in the center of the store. The store is designed in a way that it celebrates Italy’s status as the fashion capital of the globe’s energy and design.

Reportedly, Starbucks plans to open more cafes in Italy later this year.