The Switzerland-based company, Evolva Holding, is reportedly on the appreciative edge regarding the finalization of the new joint venture (JV) by Cargill and DSM. Credible reports affirm that the two companies have entered into a joint venture called Avansya™, with an aim to manufacture fermentation-based sweeteners and market them under the brand name EverSweet™.

Sources with the knowledge of the matter cited that the existing royalty contract of Evolva with Cargill will remain unchanged and in force on all products sold (EverSweet™ products).

For the record, Evolva pioneers in the speedy development, commercialization and scale-up of next-generation, sustainably sourced ingredients used in food & nutrition, agriculture, personal healthcare and other different sectors in countries including the United States, Switzerland and Denmark. The company offers branded ingredients such as EveValencene - a citrus flavor; EverSweet Stevia - a sweetener used in table-top sweeteners, beverages and food; EveNootkatone - used for flavor & fragrance applications. The company, founded in 2004, is headquartered at Reinach, Switzerland.

As per a press release by Evolva, Oliver Walker, the Chief Executive Officer at Evolva, stated that the latest joint venture by Cargill and DSM is quite a positive news for shareholders of Evolva, given its potential of expanding and accelerating the worldwide market adoption of the EverSweet™ sweeteners.

For the uninitiated, Cargill and DSM, back in 2018, had entered the joint venture to produce zero-calorie sweetener options, with DSM’s leading biotechnological expertise and fermentation process capabilities combined with Cargill’s unrivalled commercial footprint and application know-how.

According to Chris Simons, Vice President at Cargill, Food Segment North America, food & beverage producers all across the world require the kind of zero-calorie, great-tasting and non-artificial sweetener options that are supplied by EverSweet™ sweeteners. He further elaborated on the latest move that the joint venture is most likely to help the company to develop the EverSweet™ product line much faster, for addressing the paradigm shift in the global food & beverage sweetener industry.