A Danish bio-based giant DuPont Nutrition & Health has recently announced that it is expanding its plant-based product range with a new pea protein called as the TRUPRO™ 2000 Pea Protein for beverages. Reportedly, the company is marketing flavor and consistency as the key features of TRUPRO™ 2000 Pea Protein which is differentiating it from the competition.

According to sources familiar with the matter, DuPont has specially designed its TRUPRO™ 2000 Pea Protein for beverage applications that allows the manufacturers to deliver consistent and high-quality consumer experience, while aiding them in maximizing operational efficiencies.

Produced from yellow peas, pea proteins are a popular choice among the health-conscious population of today, and the rising awareness levels of the health and sustainability benefits of plant-based proteins is further influencing the consumer food choices, cite sources. They further claim that the pea protein product stands at the intersection of three major trends in the food industry - clean label, strong consumer demand for protein, and rising demand for plant-based alternatives.

As reported by the Nutra ingredients, DuPont’s TRUPRO™ 2000 Pea Protein amasses high ranking in overall product liking, mouthfeel, thickness, flavor, and aftertaste liking compared to its competitive pea protein option, as revealed in internal consumer tests. For the record, the ingredient derived from North American yellow peas is described as a free-flowing powder that constitutes of 83% protein (dry basis) and is light tan in color. It has been designed for ready-to-drink beverage and high-protein dry blended formulations.

Dan Staerk, Protein R&D Lead, was quoted saying that with its TRUPRO™ 2000 Pea Protein the company aimed to raise the bar on product consistency and flavor. He further added that the company is very pleased with the positive results that demonstrated lot-to-lot TRUPRO™ 2000 is very consistent on parameters including color, suspension, dispersibility, and solubility.