by Enwave Energy a subsidiary of Enwave Australia, has made it to the front page for managing and delivering a highly pivotal South Australian solar project. Australia will now reportedly boast of its largest rooftop solar panel installation in Adelaide, as an energy production & trading scheme developed for the Tonsley Innovation District works to incorporate this solar array for providing energy.

Cameron Evans, Chief Executive Officer of Enwave Australia, stated that the company plans to invest up to $40 million within a time span of 50 years for battery storage, photovoltaics, future electrical assets, and smart technologies.

The company considers the project to have a huge lifespan, which can help in revenue generation over the years, said Evans. The roof over the former Mitsubishi factory will be equipped with about 20,000 solar PV panels encompassed with a 6 MW capacity, claims the Microgrid Knowledge.

For the uninitiated, companies at Tonsley can buy their electricity either from Enwave Energy or other energy retailers. The District Energy Scheme will also include other features such as recycled water and thermal energy facilitated by the district’s on-site infrastructure, cite trusted sources.

Mark Devine, General Manager of Property at Renewal SA, the firm that administers Tonsley, said that the scheme will qualify the district as the renewable energy innovation hub and will attract businesses keen to relocate in an ecological environment.

For the record, Enwave Australia is a private corporation owned by Brookfield Infrastructure, an institution that builds, designs, and owns renewable energy networks for communities.

A five-person office at the Tonsley precinct will be developed by the company, but the project installation will start next year and possibly be completed by 2019, the company stated.

For the record, Tesla built the world’s largest lithium-ion battery at Hornsdale Wind Farm. Apparently, South Australia is a world leader in wind and solar energy sources amounting to nearly 50% of power generated in the state.