• Necochea’s wind energy plant is touted to operate at 38 megawatts power enabling Genneia to achieve a total wind power of 600 megawatts.
  • The wind farm is a part of RenovAr 1.5 program and called for an investment of more than USD 60 million.

Argentina based renewable energy company, Genneia has announced initiating the operation of its Necochea wind farm at 38 megawatts of power. Apparently, Necochea’s energy plant is considered to be the company’s seventh in operation and second in the province of Buenos Aires. For the record, Genneia is one of the leading renewable power generation companies in Argentina that holds predominance in generation of electrical power from both conventional and renewable sources.

The operation of Necochea wind energy plant is expected support the company to reach a total power of 600 megawatts of wind power and about 700 renewables in solar and wind combination.

According to credible sources, Necochea wind farm is a project awarded as a part of RenovAr 1.5 program demanding an investment of USD 60 million. It has been claimed that the wind farm would produce clean energy significant for consumption of nearly 53000 households along with reducing the carbon footprint.

Speculations have it that Genneia had inked a long term agreement of USD 51 million for the construction of Necochea wind farm here on August the last year. Financial aid for the project was offered via a 50-50 partnership of Genneia and Centrales de la Costa Atlantica. For the uninitiated, Centrales de la Costa Atlantica is a power generation company which is currently operating approximately four thermal plants in the province of Buenos Aires.

With the commencement of Necochea wind energy plant, Genneia displays an operation capacity for electricity generation of over more than 1200 megawatts, which is anticipated to progressively increase during this year with the construction of Chubut Norte III and Chubut Norte IV energy plants in unification with Pan American Energy and Chubut Norte II project.

Speaking of the development of Chubut Norte III and Chubut Norte IV wind farms, the collaboration of Pan American Energy and Genneia would require the latter company to transfer to PAE, 49 per cent of its shares of wind farms SPVs.

Source credit: https://www.evwind.es/2020/02/11/genneia-starts-operating-its-seventh-wind-energy-plant-in-necochea/73518