Georgia Power has recently announced that it is going on board with the plans to expand its renewable energy portfolio in Atlanta by adding 100 MW of solar power to the existing grid. Reportedly, the company is actively seeking proposals from prominent solar facilities that are depicting interest in selling solar energy in between 1 KW to 3 MW to the firm.

According to sources, Georgia Power will be further sealing the deals that would provide the best value solar power to its customers at a fixed price for a period of 5 to 35 years. The submission of the bills is open until August 15.

The company’s renewable energy efforts comes on the heels of the recent U.S. Energy & Employment report that showed a clear-cut rise in the clean energy jobs in the state. For the record, despite a nationwide decline, the U.S. state of Georgia added over 4000 jobs in the solar industry for the year 2017.

The investment plans are part of the utility company’s REDI program (Renewable Energy Development Initiative). As per a spokesperson of Georgia Power, REDI expands upon the innovation of few previous initiatives that have made Georgia a national renewable energy leading region.

If reports are to be believed, the utility company is expected to increase its solar power generation from 970 MW to 1600 MW of solar capacity by 2021.

For those uninitiated, despite a steady-growth witnessed since 2010, the nationwide solar-jobs dropped by 24,000. Sources familiar with the matter reported that the overall nation-wide decline was partially to be blamed to the ambiguity brought forth by the solar tariffs imposed on imported solar products. More than two third of the job losses were in Massachusetts and California – reportedly, the top solar states in the U.S.. Meanwhile, with 227 solar companies in manufacturing & installation, Georgia is positioned 10th nationally in terms of solar capacity.