Increasing awareness among consumers regarding gluten allergy cases, autoimmune problems and celiac problems, and health issues, including indigestion and obesity are expected to propel gluten free food market size. That said, the expanding number of supermarkets as well as hypermarkets in the U.S., UK, Germany and China and an increasing awareness regarding the benefits of gluten-free food would also serve to boost the gluten free food market in near future. Most of the researcher community is currently focusing on and developing novel applications of legume flour product to combat the rising demand for gluten-free products, which in turn would accelerate the industry expansion in the years to come.

How would the rising incidences of celiac disease contribute toward the market growth?

There has been a robust upsurge in the incidences of celiac diseases in France, UK, Germany and the U.S. lately – indeed, claims that an estimated 1 in 133 Americans suffer from celiac disease and around  83% of Americans with celiac disease are undiagnosed. This has led to the enforcement of stringent government mandates by the EU Commission and FDA regarding the labelling of nutritional products. The growing number of food allergies and intolerances coupled with rising consumer health concerns will thus help stimulate gluten free food market.

How will gluten free cereals and snacks fare in the global industry landscape?

Cereals and snacks devoid of gluten help increase energy levels, promote digestive health and improve cholesterol levels. They are also known to help eliminate calories and carbs, detox body and avert sugar content, on the grounds of which gluten-free food market size from cereals and snacks is estimated to cross 120 kilo tons by 2024, in terms of volume.

How will gluten free food market perform in Italy?

Italy gluten free food market size, as per estimates, will surpass US$ 820 million by 2024, pertaining to an increase in the demand for pizza and bakery products, that can be credited to the surging working population coupled with hectic consumer lifestyles.

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What potential does India hold in the global gluten free food market?

Researchers from the U.S. and India claim that the nation has largest number of celiac disease patients across the world. However, the gluten-free food availability for them falls far short of the requirement. A report from the Institute of Agri-Business Management (IABM) revealed that in 2016, the country produced 7.55 kilo tons of gluten-free food, in contrast with the potential for 2,347 kilo tons.

Rising health-consciousness as well as increasing disposable incomes in India have been steering the escalating demand for better processed food. Only around 10% of the potential for gluten-free food has been fulfilled in the country, claim estimates. Amid this scenario, it is rather vivid that manufacturers will now want to fill the gap by penetrating the region with their product portfolios. India will thus emerge as one of the most remunerative avenues for global gluten free food market players.

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