GoGo squeeZ®, a leading manufacturer of applesauce products, has reportedly unveiled GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding, its 1st plant-based pudding wrapped in a pantry-friendly pouch.

GoGo squeeZ®’s international team of R&D experts at the parent company, MOM Group, has developed the new nutrient-rich and innovative pudding. MOM Group was founded following a merger between Materne and Mont Blanc in 2006, the leading players in the French dairy & fruit dessert industries.

Notably, the innovative, non-dairy GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding consists of 5 grams of protein per serving as well as 30% less sugar as compared to the traditional dairy pudding. The product requires no refrigeration and will be available in 4 new pudding flavors, i.e. vanilla, cocoa-hazelnut, banana, and chocolate, in BPA-free packaging. Additionally, it contains almonds, 110 calories, and is considered a good source of calcium, along with no preservatives and gluten.

Over the past 20 years, GoGo squeeZ® has driven the innovation of the grocery aisles by turning organic fruits, vegetables, applesauce, and other food categories into on-the-go snacking staples, which can be attributed to its iconic pouch design. The company has also been considered as a leading producer of portable snack pouches that are made from 100% vegetables, fruits, and real yogurt.

According to Helene Caillate, GoGo squeeZ®’s Materne North America Chief Marketing Officer, the company has shown excitement towards the introduction of the 1st and only plant-based pudding in the pantry-friendly pouch in the market. This latest innovation will also help expand its product portfolio and cater to the consumers of after-meal treats and better-for-you snacks through its GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding with less sugar and high nutritional value.

GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding has recently been made available for purchase across select retailers. The applesauce producer is further planning to launch the product to the mass grocery retailers soon. Consumers can purchase all four product flavors in 4-count packs at $3.79 SRP.

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