Florida based beverage firm, Gratitude Health Inc, has recently announced that the company is seeking to launch KetoRefuel, the first Ready-to-Drink (RTD) product line of ketogenic meal-replacement shakes in the world.

A press release from BevNET suggests that the first drinks to be introduced in the KetoRefuel lineup would be Caffeinated Mocha, Vanilla and Chocolate Ketogenic Meal-Replacement Shakes, sold in Tetra Pak® containers of 16.9 oz, that are re-sealable and have been tested by consumers for the ease of use. The drinks are targeted to be launched in the second quarter of 2019.

Further from the reports, the company has engaged a scientist with advanced studies in ketogenic diet for creating this strategically balanced and proprietary Fat-to-Protein-to-Carbohydrate formulation. The product supports and refuels the ability of the body to burn fat naturally for energy and maintain consumers who are already in ketosis.

Sources familiar with the matter cite that ingredients in each of the KetoRefuel offerings have been blended by the largest flavor company in the world for creating three satiating, great tasting, creamy flavors for the on-the-go keto lifestyler. Such consumers demand assurance that the meal replacement would be supporting their dietary choices completely and also want convenience.

Roy Warren Jr., KetoRefuel’s senior brand manager, mentioned that the company believes wholeheartedly in the huge health benefits from nutritional ketosis. The brand’s meal-replacement drinks, which are formulated scientifically, make it convenient to adhere to a lifestyle choice and a ketogenic diet without sacrificing nutritional efficacy or taste, he said.

President and COO of Gratitude Health, Andy Schamisso, was quoted saying that the company is not trying run with a diet craze. More than a diet, the company approaches Keto as a lifestyle. It has vanilla and chocolate flavors for satisfying those regular hunger moments when one just wants something that does its job and tastes great, while a caffeinated Mocha flavor is available for ‘out-the door’ mornings, he added.