United States solar and wind energy companies might reportedly be the biggest gainers from the Green New Deal, a highly ambitious plan supported by various Democratic presidential candidates to terminate American fossil fuel consumption in a decade.

But if reports are to be believed there are fewer chances that renewable energy company might endorse the Green New Deal.

Reportedly, representatives of U.S. based clean energy firms are holding back their support for the climate-combating proposal, stating that it is too extreme and too politically conflicting for a sector that’s keen on growing in both blue and red states.

The dull response reflects the complexity that liberal politicians contesting for the White House elections may have in marketing aggressive global warming plan to the business community and more modest voters, cited credible sources.

It also accentuates a new reality for the American solar and wind energy firms long related with the environmental left: As they have lowered prices and improved technology, their progress is shifting from politically generous coastal states to the more conservative land, where cynicism of government grants and weather change runs high.

Tom Werner, Chief Executive Officer of SunPower Corp, was quoted stating that if companies just widely promote the Green New Deal, they are liable to disappoint one side of the aisle or the other, and that in no way is constructive.

Werner further stated that the idea that they could get 100 percent clean in ten years would require several resources functioning perfectly & simultaneously. Moreover, it would require bilateral support and 52-state support, Werner said.

Dan Whitten, VP of Public Affairs, Solar Energy Industries Association, was quoted stating that we appreciate the enthusiasm the Green New Deal has added to the climate issue, but we need to function in a political reality.

It generates complexity and controversy, tethering this to problems that are not a part of our sphere, he added.

For the uninitiated, the Green New Deal was announced last month by New York’s Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along with Edward Markey, a Democrat Senator of Massachusetts.