Hexo Corp., a cannabis company based in Canada, recently said that its manufacturing as well as a processing facility of cannabis located in Belleville, Ontario, has reportedly secured a license amendment from Health Canada for the sale of fresh and dried cannabis, cannabis topicals, edible cannabis, and cannabis extracts products.

The company has stated that the license will be enabling it to expand the licensed area for the production of beverage specially dedicated to the HEXO/Truss beverage division. Truss Beverages, a joint venture of Hexo and Molson Coors has been planning to manufacture non-alcohol beverages that are infused with cannabis, made for the Canadian market.

Hexo is essentially a consumer packaged goods cannabis firm that focuses on serving the adult-use Canadian markets mostly under the brands like Up Cannabis and Hexo Cannabis, along with the marijuana market that comes under the HEXO medical cannabis.

Co-Founder and CEO of HEXO, Sebastian St-Louis stated that Belleville facility of the company receiving the sales license had been a piece of very positive news for Truss and HEXO. The license shall allow the company to boost the capability to process, roll out even more innovative offerings in every brand powered by HEXO and achieve a higher economy of scale.

The 2.0 products involve products like vapes, hash, cannabis beverages as well as other various other edible cannabis products. The beverage facilities shall be acting as the prime development, processing and even distribution facility for all the cannabis products of Hexo.

The facility has been located at the main shipping routes of Ontario and will help Hexo to deliver on the national expansion strategy. This will make sure that the firm has the required capacity for both manufacturing as well as distributing the advanced cannabis products to be able to fulfill the purchase orders in Canada.


Source Credit- https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/hexos-belleville-facility-receives-sales-license-from-health-canada-2020-06-02