Hydrogen Park SA (South Australia), a leading hydrogen production plant in Adelaide, has reportedly announced that it is currently in the final phases of commissioning and is ready to begin supply to the market, starting from the city of Whyalla, Australia. This will elevate the facility’s position to one of Australia’s leading renewable hydrogen suppliers.

AGN (Australian Gas Networks), an Australian energy company, has finished the deployment of the electrolyzer in the plant with the final construction activities expected to finish soon. AGN is a part of the AGIG (Australian Gas Infrastructure Group).

The plant commissioning as well as first production is an important milestone for AGN, which supported the ambitious $11.4 million project with a grant of $4.9 million from the Renewable Technology Fund of the South Australian Government.

Additionally, the Hydrogen Park SA also marked its second big achievement as it signed a contract with the BOC to equip tube trailer refilling infrastructure at the facility.

BOC aims to supply its industrial consumers in Adelaide and Whyalla with renewable hydrogen from Hydrogen Plant SA.  

Hydrogen tube trailers are typically semi-trailers equipped with hydrogen tanks with a wide range of length spanning from small tubes to large size tanks; allowing hydrogen to be transported via. road from the supply site to any place.

Chief Executive Officer of AGIG, Ben Wilson stated that the expansion of the Hydrogen Plant SA facility to supply renewable hydrogen to the market had always been in the firm’s plan. The collaboration with BOC is a crucial pathway for additional expansion of the facility across South Australia and broader industrial sectors.

Wilson further added that the facility expansion also brings the company a step closer to providing hydrogen to refuel vehicles across South Australia. Tube trailers are perfect for hydrogen transport. The new renewable hydrogen manufacturing source in South Australia showcases a higher potential for renewable hydrogen as well as its ability to be incorporated into the future as well as present energy networks.

Source credit: https://www.energymagazine.com.au/adelaides-pioneering-hydrogen-plant-in-final-stages/