The expansion of the overall hydrophobic coatings market can be aptly credited to the accelerated development of a plethora of water-repellent materials that has recently started to draw in a lot of attention from various industries. The recently garnered popularity can be attributed to the extensive range of applications these hydrophobic surfaces offer, thereby facilitating the growth of the global hydrophobic coatings market size. As per reports, the industry is expected to depict commendable growth in the years ahead, driven by the potential applications hydrophobic products such as stain resistant textiles, self-cleaning surfaces, anti-fouling materials and anti-icing coatings.

How is the aerospace sector expected to contribute toward hydrophobic coatings market growth?

The global hydrophobic coatings market is expected to acquire significant gains from aerospace applications owing to the robust demand for hydrophobic and anti-icing coatings that are applied on the aircraft surfaces to prevent ice buildup while the plane is airborne. Ice deposit buildup on the surface of an aircraft, especially its wings, when flying at higher altitudes or when flying through super-cooled water inside low-lying clouds could pose as a serious threat, causing issues with the airplane’s drag & lift and lead to severe transportation problems due to imbalances under high-speeds. Attributing to these factors and the escalating potential of these coatings to eliminate the buildup, the hydrophobic coatings market size from aerospace applications is likely to register a CAGR of 5% over 2018-2024.

How is the hydrophobic coatings market projected to fare in China over the forecast timeframe?

China hydrophobic coatings market is projected to witness distinguished growth in the years to come, primarily attributed to the demand for fluoropolymers and the rapidly growing regional electronics industry. Fluoropolymers are extremely resistant to solvents, acids and friction, making them ideal for creating lithium-ion battery packaging and as cable coatings. With increasing consumer preference across the nation shifting more towards high-quality electronic products and the rising trend of investments in the country’s coatings industry, China the hydrophobic coatings market is anticipated to receive a commendable boost.

As per reliable estimates, the China fluoropolymer based hydrophobic coatings market size is projected to cross a valuation of around $110 million by the end of the year 2024.

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Which among the various substrate has been forecast to experience substantial momentum in the global hydrophobic coatings market?

Hydrophobic coatings industry size from metal substrates is expected to record distinguished gains over the forecast timeframe attributing to the product’s enhanced barrier properties. Metals typically attract water attributed to their electromagnetic attraction, further causing corrosion. Metal substrates are transparent fluids which are extremely durable and resistant and have specifically been developed for applications of corrosion mitigation. The substrates have a higher concentration than conventional organic polymer coatings and can be electrically protecting, ensuring enhanced barrier properties to corrosion caused by water.

Metal substrates can also be applied safely & easily without involving complicated machinery, boosting the hydrophobic coatings market size further. As a matter of fact, powered by the substrates’ corrosion mitigation properties, hydrophobic coatings market size from metal substrates is anticipated to record a CAGR of 6% over 2018-2024.