Indie Bay Snacks has reportedly announced to roll out across 200 Sainsbury stores as part of Sainsbury’s Future Brands Program. As per trusted sources, the launch will mark the first major multiple listing of the brand since its inception.

Through the Future Brands Program, Sainsbury will assist some of the most creative and challenging brands that depict long-term robust growth potential, cite sources. For the record, Indie Bay was founded in 2017 with investments from major players including the former CEO of United Biscuit Jeff van der Eems and Co-Chief Executive of Investcorp Hazem Ben-Gacem.

As per reliable sources, the brand has garnered a six-figure sales revenue in the very first year of trading with its Pretzel Bites products now available in 700 stores throughout the UK. Reportedly, it plans to roll out across an additional 300 stores by the end of this year. Two new variants of Pretzel Bites – Rock salt with Spelt and Easy Cheesy will be soon up for grabs at Sainsbury’s local stores for £1.

Dafna Bonas, Founder of Indie Bay Snacks, was quoted saying that the first year of sales has encountered a blur of activities. Besides achieving six-figure sales in the first year, the company has grown its team, introduced five flavors, entered three European markets and will be available in 1,000 UK stores by the end of 2018. With a mission to innovate better and smarter ways to snack through new ingredients and techniques that truly redefine snacking, the company is expecting a 700% growth in its second year, Bonas added.

Tom Elliott, Origination and Development Manager, Sainsbury stated that the Future Brands Program is all about supporting unique brands. The new generation of consumers demand products that are new, unique, and challenge the status quo. Indie Bay has been providing such products as it believes in the smarter way of snacking, Elliott added.