Innogy SE, an Essen-based energy company, has recently started the construction of the Dolice onshore wind farm in West Pomerania, Poland. The Dolice contract, which is a 47.5-MW project, was awarded in Poland’s onshore wind auction for big wind farm installations, in 2018. This wind farm project will further expand the company’s footprint in the Polish core market.

The construction of the Zukowice 33-MW onshore wind farm in the province of Lower Silesia, Poland is happening in parallel to the current project, with Siemens Gamesa to manufacture 19 turbines, which are expected to be commissioned by 2020 end. Nordex Group’s 11 turbines are also expected to be commissioned in June 2020. Both these projects amount to a collective investment volume of €101 million.

Poland remains Innogy’s core business market, maintaining a portfolio of 8 onshore wind farms with over 240-MW total installed capacity. These onshore wind farms are situated in 4 regions, namely Nowy Staw that is close to the city of Gdansk, Opalenica in Poznan region, and Tychowo & Krzecin in Western Pomerania. Wind farms Piecki, Taciewo, and Suwalki are installed near one another in Podlachia, north-eastern Poland.

As per Innogy SE’s Senior VP Onshore and Solar, Katja Wünschel, the company has expressed its excitement about the 47.5-MW wind farm project, which marks its 10th onshore windfarm in Poland. In addition to the Zukowice project, more than 80-MW onshore wind farms are currently under construction, which can be attributed to the company’s successful involvement in the 1st Polish Onshore auction. She further added that the company is also planning to make further sustainable investments to support energy transition in Poland, considering the region’s excellent solar and wind farm locations.

Innogy is diversifying its strong portfolio of renewable energy generation in Poland by successfully entering the wind as well as solar energy markets, moving a step closer to the further implementation of 42 ground-mounted solar farms by winning a CfD auction in Poland to launch solar projects of up to 1 megawatt.

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