Lithium Australia has set the seal on the formalities for joint battery marketing operations with the DLG Group, one of the largest producers of lithium-ion cells in China. Under the incorporated joint ventlure (50:50), Soluna Australia has been established to sell Soluna energy storage products and lithium-ion batteries in the robustly expanding Australian renewables energy market.

Sold in the U.S. and Europe with sales expanding globally, Soluna products have received their first commercial shipment into Melbourne, Victoria. Apparently, Soluna Australia aims to furnish a reliable and new supply source for renewable energy solution to bolster power users in the shore.

As Australian renewable energy industry observes robust growth, energy storage of 16 GWh will be needed by 2030 to boost security of electricity supply, as estimated by the Australian Council of Learned Academics. Dramatic surge in energy storage will warrant infusion of investment of over $5 bn in energy storage solutions in the next decade, LIBs is expected to form a lion’s share in it.

Lithium Australia’s MD Adrian Griffin stated that emergence of advanced energy storage products into the Australian shore was the result of the creation of Soluna Australia, with the formalization of Lithium Australia’s joint venture with DLG. Griffin stressed that Soluna Australia will curb national energy consumption’s carbon footprint for both industrial and residential consumers.

With the appointment of Raegan Jubb as Sales Manager and Kieron D’Arcy as General Manager, both having 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Soluna Australia division has filled the boots of two new roles.

Prima facie, the parties will foster technological cooperation between DLG and VSPC for both battery and cathode research & development. DLG is expected to collaborate with Lithium Australia to foster cathode powders of VSPC, with an initial emphasis on lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP) LIBs. It is worth noting that Lithium Australia vouched for LFP products and announced that those products tested by DLG and produced by VSPC complied with rigorous specifications of DLG for energy and power cells.

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