As the world becomes more open to CBD products, new and upcoming brands have started to integrate cannabis in their products. Recently, beverage brand Calexo made a similar move when it released its first sparkling beverages line infused with a hint of cannabis.

The company claims that these beverages would act as a refreshing alternative for alcohol that ensures to offer adequate amount of buzz instead of sending people on a trance. Created from all-natural botanicals, juices, and nano-emulsified THC, Calexo’s cannabis drinks are precisely dosed for an uplifting, easy-to-control experience and are developed for sharing.

Currently available in two flavors, Cucumber Citrón and Citrus Rose, Calexo will deliver its new drinks across Los Angeles from Sweet Flower Arts District dispensaries or Sweet Flower Melrose. As for product availability, Calexo would extend its services statewide across California and further this coming fall, BevCanna would become the sole manufacturing partner for the company in Canada.

Commenting on which, Brandon Andrew, Founder and CEO, Calexo, said that the first impression of its beverage is its unique flavor line, result of its effort to not model these drinks based on the pre-existing ones.

The company uses all-natural botanicals and juices that instead of masking, complements the nano-emulsified cannabis, presenting an elegant, social drink that brings a smile to the mind and delights the taste buds.

Meanwhile, as the effects of coronavirus worsens, with nationwide lockdowns being rigorously implemented all across the world, local cannabis delivery services and firms begin to experience a steady growth in business.

Sources cite that in these critical times, people of Los Angeles have started to explore and stock up on THC and CBD products to fight their anxiety issues. According to Steve Lilak, Head of Sales, NUG, people have entered the scarcity mode, with the streets getting a lot emptier. However, certain businesses like dispensaries and grocery stores are observing heavy visits than usual as people have started to make purchases in bulk.

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