• The Ultrafuse® 316L technology provides an affordable 3D printing solution of industrial-grade metal parts
  • The agreement is an initiative to extend the distribution of advanced 3D printing materials across North America
Prominent American thermoplastic resin distributing company- M. Holland has reportedly signed an agreement with Germany based BASF 3D Printing Solutions with an aim to expand its distribution network. Reportedly, M. Holland will now be distributing Ultrafuse® 316L – a stainless-steel composite filament developed by BASF. The metal-polymer renders a metal 3D printing technology that is cost-effective and utilizes standard fused filament fabrication mechanism and industry-specific debinding and sintering processes. Apparently, the Ultrafuse® 316L technology allows OEMs and plastic injection molders to print solid metal parts with the help of a 3D printer for various uses such as tooling, series production, jigs and fixtures, and functional parts and prototypes. The mechanism offers superior flexibility and allows series production of 3D printed industrial-grade metal parts. Along with the Ultrafuse 316L filament by BASF, M. Holland also provides a wide range of BASF 3D printing materials within its distribution network. Additionally, it offers additive manufacturing materials from companies such as 3DXTech, Henkel and Owens Corning. Firat Hizal, head of metal systems at BASF 3D Printing Solutions, was reportedly quoted stating that the distribution agreement with M. Holland will lead to cost-reduction and improved accessibility of metal printing to the manufacturers. With BASF’s extended presence in North America, the customers may develop stainless steel part in an accelerated and reliable manner, using their current printers and a recognized sintering and debinding system, he further added. Based in Northbrook, Illinois, M. Holland has been a prominent name as an international distributor of thermoplastic resins since 1950. The company offers suppliers with some of the most strategic channels to market, providing advanced sourcing and supply chain mechanisms to the clients. For the record, the company is focusing on how supplementary materials can complement its existing broad portfolio of materials and services, comprising of consulting support, equipment selection, and prototyping. M. Holland records an annual sale of USD 1 billion and transacts with over 4,000 customers per year.   Source Credits: https://www.mholland.com/news/3d-printing-solution-basf-distribution-metal-filament