Max Burgers, the largest burger chain of Sweden, reportedly announced the launch of vegan shakes. Incidentally in 2016, Max Burgers launched a Green Family menu that featured seven vegan and vegetarian friendly options. This step was taken not only in keeping up with customer demands but to be more climate conscious. As a step towards increased climate consciousness, Max Burgers is now limiting the use of dairy products. As per sources, similar to other burger chains, Max burgers also sold a variety of milkshakes to accompany their fries and burgers. Though the sandwiches were revamped to offer more options to customers choosing to go vegan, the milkshakes had remained dairy based. However, reliable sources affirmed that the owners of Max Burgers have confirmed their plan to replace regular milkshakes with vegan versions. There will be a line of luxury milkshakes that are made with ice-cream and will continue to remain on the menu. The first vegan shakes were made available in May at the Max Burger location in Stockholm. Max Burger Chief Chef, Jonas Martensson reportedly said that the chain hopes to make the vegan shakes available all over Sweden before the end of the holidays. The current dairy based options will be replaced by coconut-based shakes which will come in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. The luxury shakes will be a new addition to the menu and will be served without whipped cream. Max Burgers is pushing to popularize its plant-based initiative and launched a line of veggie burger emojis so that people have more options of choosing green burgers when they are sending messages. Max Burgers CEO, Richard Bergfors explained such an initiative saying that emojis embrace diversity in many ways and offering green burger emojis will be yet another means of embracing this diversity. Like Max Burgers, many other large-scale food chains have started offering more vegan options. For example, Ikea has announced the introduction of vegan soft serves and hotdogs while Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurants in London have started to offer a vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu.