The merch collaboration will see fans getting access to the ‘BTS Meal’ and as well as merchandise like hoodies, bags, t-shirts, beach towels, umbrellas, socks, flip-flops

McDonald's had earlier announced that it will introduce a signature meal dedicated to Korean pop act BTS, which has reportedly launched today in the U.S. Called the ‘BTS Meal’, the new marketing move is said to reach nearly 50 countries around the world.

Besides this, BTS fans are also excited about an announcement MickeyD's has recently made under which BTS and McDonald's will be launching a merchandise line exclusively on the Weverse Shop app. This merch collaboration will evidently provide fans access to the BTS Meal and as well as BTS merch like hoodies, bags, t-shirts, beach towels, umbrellas, socks, flip-flops, and even a purple bathrobe.

Morgan Flatley, McDonald's USA’s Chief Marketing & Digital Customer Experience Officer, said that seeing their fan’s passion and anticipation worldwide since their earlier announcement regarding the BTS Meal has been incredible.

Mr. Flatley added that they are preparing to provide customers with even more ways to enjoy this collaboration in the coming weeks with exclusive digital content of some behind the scenes and a merch drop.

McDonald's stated that starting today BTS fans will be able to find never-before-seen digital content featuring the band, exclusively on the McDonald's app in the U.S., a feature that will continue over the next four weeks.

Commenting on the app, the burger chain said that if fans want to score the BTS x McD merch, they’ll need to have to download and sign up into the Weverse Shop app prior making any purchases. That said, if fans are dreaming of getting hands on a purple bathrobe, they should be creating an account at their earnest, added McD.

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