The food & beverage industry giant Nestle has reportedly come up with a new variation of the company’s iconic Milkybar, that marks the introduction of its milk & white chocolate.

Reportedly, the newly out Milkybar chocolate buttons, named Mix Ups, will be rolled out across all shops in the UK and Ireland this week, in both single packs and sharing packs, following the production switching to Newcastle from its York factory. Every selection is said to be containing a delicious blend of the classic milk chocolate buttons with a milky filling and white chocolate buttons with a cocoa filling.

As per a report by The Grocer, Milkybar has launched the latest variation following the brand’s sharp dip in value by 2.9% to £61.2 million, in grocery last year.

Sources with the knowledge of the matter revealed that the individual Milkybar chocolate buttons are made with a technique similar to that of Rolos, Nestle’s frustum-shaped chocolate brand, and are manufactured on the same production line as well, with the same tried and tested milk chocolate recipe with which Rolos are made.

Alberto Pisanello, the Assistant Brand Manger for Milkybar, was recently quoted saying that Nestle has been receiving loads of requests from the Milkybar fans for quite a long time, asking the company to combine milk chocolate with white chocolate, which is something that has never been done before with the original Milkybar. He further elaborated that Milkybar is one of the most popular white chocolates and therefore, the brand had to bring out a special modification of the same, and it finally ended up with the very special Milkybar Mix Ups.

For the record, Milkybar Wowsomes, the first 30% less sugar chocolate bar in the world, became the very first chocolate of the Milkybar brand last year, using various types of chocolates in one single product, and the brand has again showed up with the new Milkybar Mix Ups which has white and milk chocolate blended together, rendering the unprecedented Milkybar taste.