The bottled water division of Nestle Group, Nestle Waters has reportedly launched a new line of flavored sparkling water in the Los Angeles precinct. Perrier, famous for its sparkling mineral water will now have a new range of fruit-based sparkling waters named Perrier & Juice, which features mineral water infused with real fruit juices and sugar.

As per sources, the line will be available in three vibrant combinations – peach and cherry, pineapple and mango and strawberry and kiwi. To further enhance the flavors, they will be revitalized with a touch of apple and lemon juice.

Reports claim that the new Perrier & Juice drinks will be served in an 8.45 oz slim can and a 11.15 oz sleek can within the greater Los Angeles area. An 8.45 oz slim can will contain 45 calories while an 11.15 oz sleek can will reportedly contain 60 calories.  The product will also be available for home and office delivery through Nestle’s water and beverage delivery service, ReadyRefresh.

According to Grant McKenzie, North America general manager of international brands, Nestlé Waters, the company is rather thrilled to take the thirst-quenching refreshment up by a notch with the launch of the Perrier & Juice line.

Nestle’s consumers have long since been craving flavorful refreshment options and the company is rather impatient at this point to provide LA customers with this juicy and bold line of refreshing drinks, Grant further added.

Recently, in order to celebrate the launch of Perrier’s new range of refreshment, the company teamed up with Y7 studious to host a Perrier Gym and Juice pop-up at an event in Los-Angeles. The pop-up saw a dynamic pairing between hip-hop and yoga, which was inspired by the brand’s new vibrant and fruity combinations. Consumers stopped by at the all-day event which included Vinyasa sessions, live music, exclusive giveaways and a Perrier & Juice drink bar.