Nutriati Inc., a noted food technology company and its exclusive commercialization partner PLT Health Solutions have come up with a chickpea protein ingredient that is about to make its IFT debut. The companies claim that the Artesa chickpea protein is the first such plant-based protein concentrate that will be made available in commercial quantities.

Artesa has been presumably developed to sidestep the challenges that are faced by most plant proteins and is said to approach the formulation and sensory experiences of taste and texture of dairy proteins. Reliable reports state that Nutriati’s proprietary manufacturing process helps in removing 99% of oil in the ingredient which in turn improves the taste and stability of the product. The company further claims that the taste, feel, and texture of the product are enhanced with Artesa’s elaborate production process which include fractionization and milling.

Nutriati is claiming that Artesa will be a disruptive factor for the North America food and supplements industry due to its small, uniform particle size that offers improved dissolution and suspension with excellent emulsifying and foaming properties. It has high water binding capacity that eliminated the sedimentation challenge faced by other plant proteins. The small particle size can lower viscosity of formulations required in low moisture recipes such as bakery products. The company claims that the small and uniform particle size is the factor that allows Artesa to behave like a diary protein.

Artesa will be produced in the United States with chickpeas sourced from the country as well as from Canada. The Nutriati manufacturing process of Artesa will be protected as intellectual property since it differs from the production process of other plant proteins.

Michael Spinelli, cofounder and chief innovation officer, Nutriati reportedly said in a press conference that Artesa chickpea protein recipes can surpass gold standard formulations for various sensory aspects such as taste and texture in a range of product applications. Spinelli also said that the company is positive that Artesa will meet consumer expectations for organoleptics.