Multinational beverage giant PepsiCo is reportedly aiming to use about 50% recycled plastic in its bottles throughout the European Union by 2030. Citing reliable sources, this target will apply on all countries expected to be a member of EU by 2025, across all of PepsiCo’s beverage businesses including franchise and company-owned.

The sources further informed that as of now, only around 13% recycled plastic is used in its bottles and the company hopes to increase it to 45% by 2025. PepsiCo will supposedly use over 50,000 tons of recycled plastic, which will be more than triple the current amount, if the target is achieved. Although the U.K. does not form a part of this announcement, sources had confirmed that the U.K.’s Plastic Pact has already been signed by PepsiCo, along with over 40 other businesses.

PepsiCo’s senior director for the EU public policy and government affairs, Paul Skehan, said in a statement that a target of 50% recycled plastic for the EU is already quite ambitious as there are various external aspects over which the company has limited control, but are required to be present to fulfil their goal. He added that sourcing enough recycled plastic at reasonable prices which are suitable for food packaging is one such aspect.

Working to meet its 50% goal, PepsiCo’s R&D department as well as procurement and operations could apparently find it difficult to achieve the target without other external factors like more transparency in the recycling industry to make sure only food grade plastic is used.

Silviu Popovici, president for PepsiCo Europe Sub-Saharan Africa, had mentioned that there is a serious shortage in the supply of affordable recycled plastics for food packaging. According to an estimate made by PepsiCo, among all packaging used in its beverages around the world, almost 90% are fully recyclable but there is a doubt regarding about how much of that is being actually recycled, since the recycling rates differ drastically from country to country.