Specialist valves manufacturer and supplier PJ Valves – also known as PJV – has reportedly announced to have secured a $650,000 contract for an LNG project in North America. As per trusted sources, a major EPC contractor awarded the contract to PJV following a competitive tender.

According to the terms of the contract, the company will reportedly manufacture and deliver more than 500 valves which would then be used in an LNG modernization project that is situated in New Jersey, USA.

According to a report published by LNG Industry, PJ Valves will manufacture and supply a plethora of different valves such as butterfly, globe, ball, check and gate for the project. The valves would reportedly be delivered in both non-cryogenic as well as cryogenic design.

For the uninitiated, these valves can operate in low temperatures due to cryogenic design – a vital requirement as LNG is created by cooling and condensing natural gas.

Reportedly, the stainless-steel and carbon valves required for the project would be manufactured in PJ Valves’ manufacturing units in Italy and India. These valves would reportedly have a pressure class range of about 2500lb and a diameter range of up to 12 inches.

Sources cite that the company secured the contract owing to its exemplary manufacturing capabilities, high design standards, and its ability source the valves with the lead time of 20-weeks.

PJ Valves Group Business Development Director, Spencer Linsell stated that PJV is thrilled to work on the project with the new local U.S. end-user and thrives on delivering innovative solutions demanded by such massive projects. Linsell further added that the project presents an excellent opportunity for the company to showcase its unparalleled manufacturing and distribution capability.

The company’s flexibility would benefit the project as it can make certain comprehensive & quality solutions available at any stage of the project’s schedule which has a deadline of December 2018.