Rhodes Interform, a leading manufacturer of special purpose metal forming machinery, recently announced to have concluded the installation and testing of its composite forming facility at the AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre), University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. As per trusted reports, the project was granted funding under the UK government’s Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI).

The AMRC aimed at manufacturing a ‘do it all’ composite press that would enable a wide range of UK companies to stay competitive while developing composites, cite reliable sources.

The sophisticated facility consists of a high pressure RTM, a 10,000 kiloNewton (kN) hydraulic press with a six axis loading, twin die transfer tables, die splitter and thermal fluid heating system, RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) capability, compression molding, prepreg, thermoplastics processes.

According to sources, Rhodes Interform worked very closely with AMRC throughout the design and manufacturing stages of the project to ensure the equipment’s adherence to client specifications and timely delivery.

Darren Wells, an AMRC Composite Centre Research Engineer, stated that the experience of supporting the UK industry by constructing a unique piece of equipment has been quite wonderful. He further stated that the facility would enable the industry to undertake a wide range of projects for years to come.

The equipment can reportedly be utilized by companies aiming to develop composites capability through research and development. One of the UK’s performance automotive companies has already employed the facility through a joint venture to develop a futuristic chassis. The said project is anticipated to transform into a fully-fledged component production, creating tens of hundreds of employment opportunities in Yorkshire.

Speaking on the success of the firm, Mark Ridgway, Rhodes Interform CEO, was quoted stating that the facility is the outcome of exceptional teamwork, collaboration, and communication. He further stated that the latest composite press will be employed by the world’s leading manufacturing companies in developing newer technologies.