Shinsan, a Korean water treatment company and designated as a global IP start corporation in 2019, is set to roll out its water treatment system in China. For the record, the water purification system has amalgamated U/F (Ultra Filtration) and R/O (Reverse Osmosis) systems. The water purification stage incorporates a carbon filter, a sand filter, a water softener, an ultra-filter, an R/O filter, a micro-filter, a water tank, an EDI and a mixed bed filter.Reportedly, water treatment market of China was pegged at RMB 200 billion in 2015 alone. The World Bank statistics in a 2016 report noted that water resource in China registered 2.818 trillion cubic meters in 2016. Amid witnessing a potential dearth of water, surface water in China was believed to be 40% contaminated.An official of Shinsan was quoted saying demand for water purification in China would be massive. The official went on to stress about the relevance and timing of their decision to make inroads into the China market space.For the uninitiated, water purification system of Shinsan can be installed at any location of water resources in an easy and simple way without employing large number of labors or mobilizing several facilities to secure storage space or do engineering works. According to sources, the water purification system can be connected to photovoltaic power generation facilities irrespective of the presence of electricity.About ShinsanShinsan, established in 2003, has made a mark of its own globally for its sophisticated container type reverse osmosis water purification system. In 2006, the company first exported industrial water treatment unit (R/O) type to Cuba in 2006. Besides, Shinsan Co., Ltd registered as a partner company of Hyundai Motors and Hyundai Glovis in 2017. It is worth mentioning that the company switched to a corporation in August 2008.Source credit: