Spain based global technology leader in the renewable energy Industry- Siemens Gamesa has reportedly secured its first order for its novel 170-meter rotor wind turbine. Reportedly, the company is expected to supply eight units of the 170 meters rotor turbines to Eurowind Energy A/S, the Danish developer, for the latter’s 46 MW Knöstad project located near Karlstad, Sweden.

For the record, the order marks the company’s debut in onshore wind turbines for the largest rotor available in the market, carrying the ability to secure more amount of wind in both low and medium wind sites.

Apparently, the rotor turbines are likely to function at a capacity of nearly 6.2 MW showcasing superior high annual energy production. Moreover, this is the engineering company’s second feature to showcase the Siemens Gamesa 5.X platform across Sweden.

In December 2019, the company had signed an agreement to deliver 35 SG 5.8-155 turbines to electric power generation company- Arise AB and Foresight for their Skaftåsen project. Within a year of its launch, the company has received extensive orders for the turbines comprising of 155m and 170m rotors.

According to Jens Rasmussen, CEO, Eurowind Energy A/S, the two companies had earlier come together for Thorup Sletten project in Denmark and are focusing on developing the new Knöstad project with the largest onshore turbine technology present in the market today, he further stated.

Globally, Sweden is the largest consumer of electricity per capita and aims to adopt advanced technologies to reduce environmental degradation and control the cost of electricity.

As per reliable sources, by 2023, the country is projected to witness an increase in wind capacity by two folds from 7.4 GW to 14.9 GW with the government establishing a target to achieve 100% renewable energy production by the end of 2040.


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