Sika Group, a Swiss specialty chemical company, is reportedly planning to make an investment in a new SikaProof® production facility in Sarnen, Switzerland. The company holds a leading position in the building sector as well as motor vehicle industry, producing and developing products and systems for reinforcing, damping, and sealing, among others.

The investment is expected to significantly expand and enhance the manufacturing efficiency of the company as well as engage with more customers in the rapidly growing waterproofing membrane market. This new production plant will support manufacturing of membranes at one site in single operation, which, in turn, will significantly enhance the sustainability performance as well as simplify the supply chain.

SikaProof® membrane has been effectively used to waterproof below-ground basements and structures. The system is known to deliver reliable performance, owing to the full bond between concrete structure and SikaProof® sheet membrane.

The company is adopting a new growth strategy, under which it targets to double the sales of SikaProof® product line by 2023. This can be attributed to the benefits obtained from an innovative, patented membrane technology application. The expansion will also cater to the rising demand for long-lasting and high-grade waterproofing systems due to growing urbanization & densification. This has led to the development of stringent regulations on the water tightness of basements.

As per the statement made by Sika’s Regional Manager for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, Ivo Schädler, the new SikaProof® membrane plant will present several growth benefits for the company. The single step manufacturing process will help the company increase and boost the manufacturing capacity as well as efficiency, and thereby deliver high-value service to customers in the EMEA region. It will also make it considerably easier for the company to expedite growth in the target market for waterproofing membrane.

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