Sodium Sulphate Market, rising demand for dyeing application in textile industry will propel the product market growth in the forecast time frame. Sodium sulfate owing to non- corrosive property can be used as an alternative of sodium chloride for coloring application. It helps in reducing negative charges on fibers so that dyes can penetrate evenly. Extensive application scope as a chemical ingredient in the chemical industry as well as animal feeding stuff will further drive the product demand.

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Sodium Sulphate Market size will witness a significant growth, owing to rising application of product in soaps and detergents over the forecast period. Upsurge in production of dry form detergents will add to sodium sulphate market size. Increasing consumption of dry detergent powder over liquid detergent is the major driving factor for product market growth.

Sodium sulfate is a naturally inorganic compound and can be obtained as a by-product through industrial processes of commercial hydrochloric acid. It is commercially traded in three forms; Glauber’s salt, salt cake and niter cake in international market.

Increasing adoption of the product in glass manufacturing industries expected to boost product demand over forecast period. It is extensively used as a fluxing agent in glass manufacturing industry. Surge in product application for blowing and casting processes to eliminate small air bubbles and deficiencies will further support the sodium sulphate market size. Sodium sulphate notable application in Kraft process of wood pulp manufacturing will also drive the product demand.

Asia Pacific region is the major consumer of the product and demand continue to rise in forecast period owing to increasing population in countries such as Japan, China, India and Indonesia. The demand is driven by growing textile industry Japan, where approximately more than 100 KT of sodium sulphate is utilized annually by textile manufacturers. China is one of the largest producer of the product and domestic demand is growing at a significant rate. Pulp and paper industry in India is one the major consumer of the product and demand is anticipated to grow significantly over the forecast period.

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North America led by Mexico is anticipated to provide strong business opportunities for the product owing to surge in application of soap and detergents over forecast period. Demand for cleaning product is stable but with changing demographic trends consumer needs for more convenience-oriented products will probably stimulate product market growth.

European market also plays a key role in the overall sodium sulphate market as region accounts for a major share in the global production capacity. Detergent industry is one of the largest consumer of product in the region. Further chemical industry, textile industry, glass industry, and paper industry propel demand for the product. Sodium sulphate market is developed and production is sufficient to meet domestic needs. However, demand for product will further grow as the product is widely used as an alternative to other expensive ingredients in manufacturing industries.

MEA led by Turkey have high growth potential for the production of natural sodium sulphate. Surge in production capacity in the region will augment the product market size over the forecast period. Shift in consumer preference from soap bars to powder detergents in the region will further drive the sodium sulphate market size.

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Some of the major industry players operational are Ako Kasei Company, Lenzing AG, Elementis plc, Nippon Chemicals Industrial Company and Alkim Alkali Kimya AS.  Other notable players in the global sodium sulphate industry are China NaFine Group International, Sirocco Mining, AkzoNobel N.V., Xuzhou Dayang Chemical Company and Shikoku Chemicals Corporation. The industry players in order to gain a major industry share increasing their production capacity. Manufacturers are investing heavily in processing equipment’s to fulfill rising demand keeping government regulations as primary concern.

Advance manufacturing technologies and stringent norms will encourage the production over the forecast period coupled with minimum environmental impact. Countries such as Canada, Germany, Turkey and Italy offer great business opportunities for manufacturers, owing to rising demand of product in glass and textile industries.

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