Starbucks Japan, the Japanese arm of American coffeehouse chain Starbucks, has reportedly released a new dish on its menu. The recently launched sustainable carrot cake can be purchased whole from the online store of Starbucks Japan.

As per sources close to the matter, the cake, which is traybake fashion, is packed entirely of carrots, nuts, raisins, and spices, in addition to a huge topping of tangy cream cheese frosting. The company’s website promises a spicy, rich cake that exudes flavors of carrots. The coffeehouse chain claims that the cake is the perfect companion to a steaming cup of coffee.

In Japan, Starbucks is famous for its Matcha Frappuccino and the assorted matcha confectionery collection on its menu showcases the national love of green tea. Considering another instance, in Canada, the company’s maple-flavored latte literally comprises the most prolific sweetener of the nation, the maple syrup.

Starbucks has long been held as a reliable place for enjoying that familiar fare. Irrespective of location, all Starbucks provide lattes, or cookies, and also serve a slice or two of chocolate cake. The coffeehouse offers a taste of home as well.

The carrot cake is a great surprise for many Europeans as they visit Starbucks Japan. According to sources, Starbucks offers carrot cake in some form or the other in countries located in Europe, the UK, and America. As per one source, Japan’s Starbucks, as well as those in other parts of Asia, did not seem to have taken much liking to root vegetable cakes.

There is no doubt that the carrot cake looks and sounds like the real thing. While carrot cake fans have reason to be both ecstatic and excited, the interesting thing regarding this cake is its sustainable process of production.

Starbucks Japan produce their carrot cake by using carrots that are grown in compost. The dish utilizes recycled espresso shot cakes that come from the Starbucks store itself.

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