Talesun Solar, one of China’s leading PV module manufacturers announced the supply agreement signed with Cengiz Energy, a part of Cengiz Holding, one of the biggest energy investment firms in Turkey for solar PV products. The sales agreement was signed for the 130 MW PV module shipment. The contract comprises 80 MW project in Bingo, Turkey and 50MW project in Konya Province, Turkey,

The solar park in Bingo, built on approximately 1.200.000 m2 area, will use 198,870 pcs of Talesun’s highly efficient 144 cells module type with half-cut technology and with the power of 400W and 405W. This solar park will be installed next to a hydroelectric park which has a power of 500MW. Compared to traditional coal power, this project is expected to decrease carbon emission by 143784,88 T annually and provide clean power energy of 127 GWh per year.

General Manager of Cengiz Energy, Mustafa Eskiçırak claimed that this is Turkeys first hybrid power plant model. He expressed his trust in technology and the high efficiency of PV modules that will be received in October.

The President of Talesun Solar, William Sheng, also supported the idea of working with Cengiz Energy for Turkey’s biggest hybrid power plant. He stated that this collaboration plays an important role in Talesun. Talesun is very positive about the reinforcement of the Eurasian and European solar PV market and is looking forward to more clean energy projects, he added.

As per the ‘Q2 2020 Global PV market outlook’, a Bloomberg report, Turkeys annual PV installation is expected to reach 760 MW in 2020 and to 1.4 GW in 2021. Talesun accounts for 20% of Turkey’s total shipment i.e. more than 150 MW in 2020. The global solar PV module market is expected to surpass 200 GW by 2026, as per a report by Global Market Insights, Inc.

The Head of Talesun Solar Turkey, Pinar Eser, called Turkey as the most important market for Talesun. The expansion of the PV plant equipped with Talesun’s highly efficient modules has generated lower LCOE and can compete with the traditional energy sources. Talesun will actively work with Cengiz Energy to contribute to the local solar industry, she further assured.


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