• This program will bring simplified, rapid solutions to PV installer shutdowns
  • The XH product lineup joins a range of Growatt inverters accredited with UL PVRSS certification

Tigo Energy, a worldwide leader in solar industry, have reportedly declared that Growatt, a leader in energy storage system and grid-connected single-phase PV providers, have been integrated in the Tigo Enhanced program, in order to bring reliable, simpler rapid shutdown solutions for PV installers.

Growatt’s current product lineup of XH series, single-phase hybrid inverters, will join Tigo’s Rapid Shutdown System Transmitters. This will enable the plug and play installation using Tigo’s rapid shutdown devices.

These devices enable module-level rapid shutdown and are necessary to substantiate the current National Electrical Code standards. Customers are assured about the reliability when the see the logo saying ‘Tigo Enhanced’ on Growatt spec sheets and inverters. They are also assured that the rapid shutdown devices will function safely and satisfy the required electrical standards and codes.

Felix Fang, the CEO of Growatt USA Inc., has apparently expressed that that the company is  delighted to collaborate with Tigo to offer customers a comprehensively integrated solution for rapid shutdowns. He further added that customers expect solutions that work seamlessly, and this is exactly what the company is providing with the new XH battery and inverter.  

The Chief Marketing Officer of Tigo, JD Dillon, apparently stated that Growatt leads in the residential inverter sector and that Tigo is delighted to collaborate with them to provide a future-proof, comprehensive solution for customers.

The XH series of Growatt have a power capacity range of 3kW to 11.4W and are easily modified as per the energy requirement of customers. Each of the inverters will have a Tigo Enhanced logo so that customers can quickly identify those that are compatible with Tigo TS4-A-2F and TS4-A-F products. The inverters are also provided with Wi-Fi/LAN or 4G/Wi-Fi and they are seamlessly integrated into the mobile and monitoring application of Growatt.