UAV Turbines, Inc., an America-based firm involved in the design and development of microturbine technology, recently announced that its Monarch 5 turboshaft engine has an unparalleled fuel flexibility, with now able to run on environment-friendly natural gas. The engine has been efficient in terms of operation on all types of fuels that also include jet fuels.

The addition of natural gas has extended this type of technology past the flight and made it suited for ground emergency as well as a standby power generation for both remote and onsite application areas. The flexibility of fuel accompanied by the portable, lightweight and reliable capacity of power generation of Monarch 5 has marked a difference for engines across the industry.

The Senior Vice President of Engineering of UAV Turbines, Fred Frigerio said that the main feature of the company’s turbine engines involves a safe-to-handle operation of heavy fuel like Jet A and other variety of fuels. The Monarch 5 is capable of adapting to multiple clean sources of energy fuel like hydrogen and natural gas with the help of minor changes.

Frigerio further added that both of the fuels are called clean-burning with less or absolutely no output of the greenhouse gases. Clean and sustainable energy sources have become necessary for applications in several environments that are served by the new micro-turbogenerator product portfolio of UAV Turbines.

The miniatured microturbine technology of UAV Turbines creates large new range of opportunities for its integration in different systems that power hard-to-access oil fields, construction sites, remote weather conditions, military vehicle communication, emergency field teams and stationery first responders.

UAV Turbines has currently been curating a particular group of launches with new and innovative designs for various engine orders fueled by high and emerging growth markets like military combat, industrial, unmanned aircraft, urban air mobility, residential as well as commercial compact.


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