As the solar market across the world continues to evolve, companies worldwide are putting their best foot forward to transform the way solar power is harnessed and collected. To facilitate the energy requirements of the residential sector, California-based energy start-up, Ubiquitous Energy Inc., has reportedly designed windows with built-in solar panels.

The company believes that this move would speed up the widespread transition to green power while being in par with the state’s new building codes.

As per sources, the newly windows designed are coated with a layer of organic dye that traps ultraviolet and infrared light waves and transforms solar energy into electricity which is stored in a battery that can later be used to power an office or house.

Unlike traditional solar panels that absorbs the full spectrum of sunlight, these windows allow visible sunlight to pass with low dimming. Currently, they are made available under the brand name; ClearView Power.

With this move, Ubiquitous Energy is planning to take advantage of a new mandate from the government authorities of California, requiring all residential spaces developed in 2020 or after having some form of built-in solar energy generation systems.

Miles Barr, Founder, Ubiquitous Energy claim that these windows are not as efficient as traditional solar panels as they don’t absorb the entire spectrum of sunlight. However, at peak performance, the windows will create around two-thirds of the amount of energy as compared to traditional solar panels.

Barr claims that from residential to industrial spaces, the windows can be used for power various applications. The glass could be used in electronics to give extra power to batteries.

The windows have around 20% more installation cost as compared to traditional windows. However, Barr believes that this cost can be easily offset by reduced power costs. For the record, Ubiquitous Energy is delivering rectangular grids with six glass panels with 14x20 inches dimension.

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